General Terms and Conditions 

For consumers for private training Flowently applies the NRTO’s General Conditions for Private Education and Training.

NRTO Quality Mark

Flowently conforms to the NRTO’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the NRTO Code of Conduct for Consumers. The NRTO quality mark: recognition for quality and professionalism. Flowently has obtained the NRTO quality mark. This hallmark is a recognition for quality and professionalism in the private training sector. The NRTO quality mark guarantees a high quality standards in terms of transparacy regarding products and services, adequate service provision, professional contact with customers and expertise of staff. As a result, this is what customers can expect from Flowently and its services. An independent third party certification body assesses whether a supplier meets the quality requirements. The NRTO quality mark is then issued by the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO), the trade association for private trainers. For more information, see